Frequently Asked Questions about the Resource Packet

Q: I’ve seen several other “How To Be A Professional Organizer” products offered on the internet. What makes the Resource Packet different?
A: Although there are other materials available for professional organizer training, it appears that most were created by well-meaning people who may have comparatively limited experience in the organizing business. I know of at least two "manuals" that were written by people who were, at the time, in business less than 2 years. Their materials may contain worthwhile advice (I haven't read them so I can't say), but the amount of time someone has been in business should be considered when evaluating advice.  That's why I state on this web site that the HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER Resource Packet is the lowest-priced collection of information created by an experienced, highly acclaimed organizer about the topic of professional organizing.

Q: Why do you make such a big deal about how long you’ve been in the organizing business?
A: The fact that I started The Miracle Worker Organizing Service in 1986, and still own it, is important for two reasons. 
1) I have seen literally hundreds of organizing businesses come and go--many only last a year or two. (The Resource Packet explains the key reasons why so many people fail at this type of business.) Longevity in any business is usually a sign of success, and experience gained from longevity is extremely valuable. 
2) I believe that anyone who is offering training materials should clearly state the year they started their business. Most often, what you will see on web sites is something like “Jane Doe has been helping people get organized for 20 years,” or “John Doe has 12 years’ experience in time management.” What this usually means is that they are including years spent working in other careers, or time spent helping family and friends. That’s fine, but there is a world of difference between helping family, friends, or colleagues and working with actual clients--that is, helping people get organized who are specifically paying you for that purpose. It’s the difference between an amateur and a professional.

Q: How can I decide whether the Resource Packet is what I’m looking for to help me?
A: The Resource Packet is a research tool that is helpful primarily to people who are in the earliest stages of their organizing careers, namely those who:
1)  are thinking about whether or not they should start an organizing business; or
2)  have been in the business for a very short time (less than 1 year).

Q: I noticed that you offer other booklets with the same number of pages but the Professional Organizer booklet costs more. Why?
A: How To Become A Professional Organizer was created for a small niche market.  With limited sales I must charge more than booklets that will sell in higher volumes.  You see, specialized information that is only of interest to a small niche market (such as professional organizers) tends to command a higher price than information that is of interest to a broad market (such as anyone who wants to get organized).   It's not the number of pages, it's what's on the pages, and the market for what's on the pages, that dictates the price.

If you'd like to learn why and how the Resource Packet was created, read the history.

Q: What can I expect to receive when I order the Resource Packet? Is it like a book?
A: The Resource Packet is not like a book. It is a slender, 31-page booklet with 5 pages of inserts (loose pages inserted at specific intervals). The cover isn’t glossy, and the booklet contains no photos or illustrations. The booklet and inserts simply contain all of the information described in the Resource Packet Description section on the Organizing Opportunities page of this web site. The description of the contents is very clear; the Resource Packet does not include anything that is not listed in the description. Please read it carefully so you will know exactly what you can expect.


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