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As of November 1, 2004, Harriet is no longer offering organizer training materials or retreats.  The How To Become A Professional Organizer Resource Packet, which was the first resource of its kind, has been retired.  However, Harriet is still available for consultations via e-mail.

If you are serious about becoming a Professional Organizer, Harriet recommends the OnlineOrganizing Academy organizer training program.  You'll also be interested in the Learn How to Become a Professional Organizer page at!

Another helpful resource for aspiring professional organizers is Conquering Chaos at Work (Fireside/Simon & Schuster), which Harriet wrote for organizers and anyone else who works with the "organizationally impaired."  Harriet's other book, Let Go of Clutter, is also a valuable tool to help you work with people who have trouble letting go of clutter.

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TESTIMONIALS:Become a Professional Organizing Consultant Solve problems Help others save time & money

"I just received your booklet about professional organizing and am finding it very easy, fast reading, which is exactly what I was looking for. I like the lists you included as they helped me to quickly focus my thoughts on the most important information....Thanks again for a great introduction to the world of professional organizing!"

Laury Hoose, Pennsylvania

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Interested in becoming a professional organizer or learning more about this growing field? The Miracle Worker offers the original HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER Resource Packet and Consultation Programs. 

The most cost-effective introduction to the world of professional organizingand the only available resource of its kind created by an acknowledged pioneer in the organizing industry...

What You Need To Know About the HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER Resource Packet



The HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER Resource Packet is the  lowest-priced collection of information  created by an experienced, highly acclaimed organizer about the topic of professional organizing. 

• It is a collection of information—articles, checklists, tips and lists of additional resources such as books and organizations.

• It is NOT a book, manual or guide with extensive or comprehensive detailed information. It does not contain any illustrations, photos or charts.


The Resource Packet consists of two parts: a 31-page booklet plus a supplemental insert of additional resources. 

 The booklet includes:

• How To Start An Organizing Business--an honest and in-depth discussion of how to get started, and how to keep going

• My First Year In Business—a step-by-step account of how I did it

• Checklists—organizing specialties and ways to earn money in this field

• Organized—Or Not?—what it really means to be organized

• Common Misconceptions about organizing and organizers

• Twelve Tips To Help You Become a Successful Professional Organizer

• How To Get The Most Value From Your Telephone— including valuable information on how to get listed in the Yellow Pages without paying big bucks for a business line

• Beat The Clock—how to avoid common time traps of home-based business owners

• Resource Lists—books to read; organizations to contact

The supplemental insert includes:

•  Articles about professional organizing

• "Marketing & Publicizing Your Business" checklist

• Additional resources


Although the Resource Packet contains specific information that has already proven useful to hundreds of people, it is not comprehensive. If you’d like additional information, consultation programs are available in which ALL of your questions about being a professional organizer will be answered honestly and thoroughly. Questions like:  

How much should I charge?

When can I expect to start making a living at this?

Where can I find new clients?

What should I bring with me to organizing sessions?

Which safety precautions should I take?

. . . and anything else you need to know so you can become a successful organizer.  A Consultation Program Information Sheet is included with the Resource Packet.


"In 1991 I opted to take advantage of Harriet Schechter's personal consultation program.  Inside an hour, over lunch, Harriet presented, in a very organized and logical manner, very specific "how to's" for me to consider in getting my organizing business started.  I walked away saying to myself, "This is what I want to do."  I returned home to Boise, Idaho, and began following Harriet's Twelve Tips program.  Ten years later, I am continuing to create a very successful, full-time organizing business.  Thank you, Harriet."   

Malia Hall, Leave It To Me Organizing Service, Boise, Idaho

"Just a quick note to let you know how helpful it was to talk to you concerning my organizing business. Prior to our telephone conversation, I had the bits and pieces, but you provided the glue to put everything together, as well as new insight into the profession. It was particularly helpful to know how you have structured your business (fees, services, marketing, etc.). Having heard your experiences will enable me to get off to a quicker start and help me avoid some of the pitfalls you encountered. It was obvious from our conversation that you are a true professional and that you care a great deal about helping people."

Sheryl L. Ascher, Organization, Inc., Rocky River, Ohio


A brief history of the series of events that led Harriet Schechter to develop the HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER Resource Packet:

1986  Founded The Miracle Worker Organizing Service in San Diego.

1987 Joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

1988 Founded the San Diego Chapter of NAPO and served as chapter president for two years (1988-90)

1989 Invited to join NAPO’s national board and served as VP Chapter Development (1989), VP Public Relations and editor of NAPO News (1990-91).

1990 Created the original "How To Become A Professional Organizer" workshop for the Learning Annex.

1991 Interviewed by Paul and Sarah Edwards for the "Best Home Businesses for the 90s" chapter on Professional Organizers; gave them a copy of the 7-page handout created for the How To Become A Professional Organizer workshop. They decided to cite it as a "manual" in their book. As a result, hundreds of people write or call to order it (1991-present).

1994 Revised and expanded original 7-page packet into 20-page booklet plus inserts.

1996 Revised and expanded booklet again (3rd Edition).

1998 Revised and expanded booklet again (4th Edition).

2000 Revised and expanded booklet again (5th Edition).

Harriet has never run a paid advertisement to solicit interest in the Resource Packet, nor has she actively promoted it. It was created literally by popular demand. As long as people continue to contact her about how to become a professional organizer, the Resource Packet remains the most efficient and effective way for her to deal with the increasing volume of requests.

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