"Thank you for your wonderful booklets!  They are just what I was searching for as I begin researching on how best to organize my organizing business.  I am enjoying reading them...  They are very thorough, informative and helpful.   I am so glad I sent for them.  You have a special flair for writing as well as organizing!"

Donna Furino, New York

"I received the How To Become A P.O. booklet I ordered this week and I sat right down and read it.  Thank you so much for writing it!  It gave me a lot of reassurance that I'm headed down the right road both with my decision to create my own organizing business and with the choices I've been making to make that happen.  It was so straightforward and not at all preachy.  You did a great job.  I just had to write and say thank you for all of us potential professional organizers out there."

Amy Parsons, Minnesota

"I saw you on Good Morning America and you really sparked my interest.  I have always been described as incredibly organized and I know that professional organizing is something that I would LOVE to do.  I would like to get started right away (at least part time) and am following the steps in your booklet.  The knowledge I've gained so far is incredibly helpful.  I just wasn't sure where to begin before reading your booklet.  I can already say, thank you so much for your great insight!  You are an inspiration!"

Tara Pusey, New Hampshire

"The Resource Packet is excellent . . . refreshingly honest and extremely helpful."

Carolyne Coffman, Organizing Unlimited,  Encinitas, California

"Your advice was invaluable . . . thank you!"

Tim Johnston, I Organize You, Vancouver,  British Columbia


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