"I purchased and am enjoying and highly valuing your book. I moved all >my clutter from one house (where I lived for 32 years) to the next because having been widowed, it was just too emotionally difficult to make those decisions before I moved. So now is the time. I just wanted to make one comment in favor of paper shredders. Although I understand that it does take longer, it finalizes the decision. Once >I have shredded a document, I cannot physically pull it back out and >second-guess my decision. I know you have a "rule" against that--but the shredder makes it impossible! I just started the decluttering process and plan to write you back in about one month to let you know my progress. (I have paper clutter in the house, closets needing decluttering, and about 50 unpacked boxes in my garage!)

Thanks for all the ideas--they are right on target! And, I especially appreciated the humor in your book."

Bonnie Shubb  Newbury Park, California

"I enjoyed reading your book immensely. I am now applying some of it - please see the beginning of my journal entry series -- Drowning in clutter at  http://www.analyticalq.com/journal/j020209.htm ."

Anne Ku  London, England

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